Further Reading

Brothers and sisters of the Order should be measured solely by the tenacity with which they apply Liber OZ in their daily life. Not their words or intentions, but their deeds and if they act in accordance with Liber OZ.

—Marcelo Motta

This section includes a variety of writings regarding Liber OZ.  We are in no way responsible for, nor endorsing, any of their content.  Instead, we aim only to inform the reader by providing a range of opinions and articles related to OZ, while leaving all questions of the Law to be decided – each for himself.  If you have an article you would like to submit for consideration please contact us.


A Note on Liber OZ · by Hymenæus Beta (from Book 4)

Observations on Liber OZ · by Frater Sabazius

Thelemic Sociology · by Frater Sabazius

Jack Parsons on OZ · an excerpt from Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword by Jack Parsons.

A Transvaluation of OZ · an esoteric instruction by the Master of Pelican Camp O.T.O.

An Esoteric vs. Exoteric Analysis of Liber OZ · by Soror Nihil Obstat

Liber OZ Fest Address · by Lon Milo DuQuette

Statement on Liber OZ · by James Wasserman

Alternate Versions

In the months of October through December of 1996 e.v. the Thelema Lodge Newsletter published a series of three alternate takes on Liber OZ.  Contributed by Brother Lew, these variations are stylized as if penned by Timothy Leary, William Blake, and Friedrich Nietzsche.  This entertaining series began in honor of Leary’s Greater Feast who had passed away earlier that year.  These renditions may be found on Bill Heidrick’s web page of “Cross References” – links provided below.

A Thelemic Manifesto in Honor of the Greater Feast of Timothy Leary

A Thelemic Manifesto in Honor of Saint William Blake

A Thelemic Manifesto in the Style of Saint Friedrich Nietzsche

In 2016 B. McGinnes published what he referred to as the Modern Liber Oz, a short work containing 22 alternate versions of OZ which the author claimed to be updated for use in the 21st Century.  This he achieved by replacing the words Man, he and God, with an array of alternatives resulting in numerous renditions the author believes more appropriate for personal use in modern times. However, others may feel that these changes are pedantic and unnecessary. This concept is similar to, but expands upon, what Al Ewigkeit offered in 1987 with his Liber W-Oz, in which he conceived a gender neutral OZ (see the Aquarian Arrow No.22 in our Publications Catalog for further details). McGinnes’s renditions may be viewed online at the National Library of Australia.


Liber Babel OZ Ounce
A parody by Robert Furtkamp from 1999, created by running Liber OZ through the first generation Altavista/Babelfish translator several times to point out the limitations of machine translation.

Liber LXXVI vel SJW & Liber LXXVII Alt-Right
Two political parodies of Liber OZ, created early 2019. The first had a conservative slant and was directed at “Social Justice Warriors.” A liberal version was created in response, directed at the “Alt-Right”.

Liber Meow and Liber Maumo vel Bastet
Two cat-themed parodies from 2019.