On the Rights of Man

“This is fantastic!!!!!” — Sabazius

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

On the Rights of Man book cover

We are pleased to announce On the Rights of Man, a new book on the history and meaning of Liber OZ by Frater Orpheus. The book is printed in large format and strictly limited to 500 copies.  A full-color, hardcover edition is available through Black Sun Lodge O.T.O., and a black-and-white paperback can be ordered through Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

This book explores the history of Liber OZ in greater detail than ever before. Through careful examination of Crowley’s diaries and correspondences during the Second World War, a fascinating narrative emerges that, up until now, has never been told.  In a separate section, Frater Orpheus discusses the significance of its title and number, how its principles can be applied to the Tree of Life, and its connection to five magical formulas which reveal deeper mysteries. 

Throughout the book are dozens of rare images, Crowley’s early drafts of this liber, and correspondences with friends, many of which have never been published. Of special interest to collectors is a catalog of the publication details for every edition of Liber OZ known to have been printed during Crowley’s lifetime. Furthermore, Liber OZ is provided in 26 languages, being the most translations printed in a single volume to date.

Love is the law, love under will.