Statement on Liber OZ

“Liber Oz, presents what I consider to be the ideal statement of the political rights of any individual courageous enough to live up to the responsibilities that freedom entails… I believe the American Constitution and its Bill of Rights to be an inspired model of the type of society later articulated by Crowley in Liber Oz (a short tract written in 1941, that expressed the political philosophy of The Book of the Law in words of one syllable.) What makes the idea of both Liber OZ and the Bill of Rights to radical is their guarantee of nearly unlimited personal liberty and individual rights… Implicit in seeking to maximize individual liberty as recognition of the divinity inherent within human beings (“endowed by their creator”). Quoting The Book of the Law, “Every man and every woman is a star,” and “thou has no right but to do thy will.” In my opinion, these statements posit both a will to do, and an attainable celestial nature at the root of the self. The reigning political goal of a society built on these principles must be the encouragement of maximum individual liberty for the most unfettered growth of the inner potential.”