OZ in Publications

This section features a list publications which include Liber OZ. The first two entries are marked with an asterisk(*),  indicating that these publications were issued during Crowley’s lifetime. For these editions, additional information can be found in the Early Editions section of our catalog.  

The City of God*1943 MarchCheswick Press – O.T.O.
Oriflamme*1945 JuneAgape Lodge no.2 – O.T.O.
Ex Occidente Lux no. 31955 JuneGerman – O.T.O.
Picture Post1955 November 19Hulton Press
Calling the Children of the Sun1962 April(Society) O.T.O.
Liber II1969Berkeley – O.T.O.
The Magical Revival1972Frederick Muller Ltd.
The Magicians1972 JulyOwen Publishers
Heart of the Master197393 Publishing
The City of God1974Neptune Press
Magical & Phil. Comm.1974 September93 Publishing
Le Livre De La Loi197593 Publishing
Magic: The Western Tradition1975Thames and Hudson
Equinox V no. 11975 September(Society) O.T.O.
93 Publishing Catalog197693 Publishing
Cincinnati Journal Vol INo.11976SH.M. CH.H.
Cincinnati Journal Vol I No.21976SH.M. CH.H.
Earth Religion Vol III No.11976Earth Religion N.Y.
Sothis Vol II no.21976Sothis (Grant Typhonian)
Sut Anubis Vol I no.11976 SeptemberOccultique – Private
The New Equinox Vol I1976Norton Press
OTO News Letter Vol I no.31977 DecemberGrand Lodge – O.T.O.
Necronomicon1978Big O Publishing
Manifesto SOTA1978 MarchSociety O.T.O.
Thelemic Political Morality1978Society O.T.O.
Astral Attack and defense1978Society O.T.O.
Equinox V no. 21979 March(Society) O.T.O.
Kaaba no.41979 MarchRa Hoor Khuit Lodge – O.T.O.
Saturn Gnosis no. 261979Fraternitas Saturni
Letter to a Brazilian Mason1980Society O.T.O.
Of the Political Aims of the OTO1980Society O.T.O.
Oyez1981 MarchHeru ra ha Lodge – O.T.O.
The Magicians Guild no. 91982The Magicians Guild
Saturnische Exerzitien no. 11980Ordo Saturni
The Unexplained #1071980Orbis Publishing limited
Voxas Rimotae1982 SummerPrivately printed Ordo NU
Brocken Mt. pamphlet B1982 MayBrocken Mt. Lodge – O.T.O.
Thelemic Orgia1982New Zealand – O.T.O.
Thelema Magazine no. 31982Gebauer, Michael
Arachny’s Web1983 JanuaryNephthys Chapter –  O.T.O.
Liber AL 30th Anniversary1984Heka Baka Books
Yoga and Magick1984Society O.T.O.
Magick Without Tears (Part II)1984Society O.T.O.
Khabs Vol I no. 7?1985 June 21Typhonian – O.T.O.
Khabs Vol II no. 11985 December 21Typhonian – O.T.O.
Liber AL1985Heka Baka Books
Chaos International no.11986Chaos International
Equinox III no. 101986 MarchWeiser – O.T.O.
FENRIR1986 October 31Odinic Order of Chaos
Khabs Vol II no. 21986 June 21Typhonian – O.T.O.
Khabs Vol II no. 31986 December 21Typhonian – O.T.O.
The Enchiridion # 11987Longship Warrior
Vitriol1987Leeds University
Early Warning Vol I No. 11987 FebruaryRising Aeon Camp – O.T.O.
Nuit Isis Vol I no.21987 MarchNuit Isis Publications
Khabs Vol II no. 41987 June 21Typhonian – O.T.O.
Sut Anubis Vol 3 no.41987 SeptemberOccultique – Private
Khabs Vol II no. 51987 December 21Typhonian – O.T.O.
Abbey of Thelema1988Abbey of Thelema
Khabs Vol II no. 61988 June 21Typhonian – O.T.O.
Khabs Vol II no. 71988 December 21Typhonian – O.T.O.
The Legacy of the Beast1988W.H. Allen
Khabs Vol III no. 11989 June 21Typhonian – O.T.O.
Khabs Vol III no. 21989 December 21Typhonian – O.T.O.
Nuit Isis Vol I no.61989 MarchNuit Isis Publications
Khabs Vol III no. 31990 June 21Typhonian – O.T.O.
Khabs Vol III no. 41990 December 21Typhonian – O.T.O.
Modern Magie1990Peyn und Schulze Verlag
Skoob Occult Review1990 MarchSkoob Books Publishing
Mysteries of Magic1991Bloomsbury Books
Remembering A.C.1991Skoob Books
Starfire Vol I no.  41991Starfire Publishing Ltd
Mysteries of Mind, Space & Time1992Orbis Publishing limited
City of God1993Mandrake Press Ltd.
Thelema Lodge Calendar1993 MarchThelema Lodge – .O.T.O.
Book 41994Weiser – .O.T.O.
Babel Vol I no.11994 MarchO.T.O.
Starfire Vol. 1 No. 5994Starfire Publishing Ltd
New Aeon Magick1995Llewellyn
Schwarzbuch Satanismus1995Pattloch Verlag
The Waratah Vol I No.11996 JanuaryNewtown
AbraHadAbra1996Looking Glass
Das Leben eines modernen Magi.2000Urania Verlags
Sex and Rockets2000 July 5Feral House
Continente Perdido2001Valdemar
Okkultismus und Satanismus2001Arbeitsgruppe Scientology
Horus Vol. 1 no. 02003 September 23H.O.O.R   Publications
The Slaves Shall Serve2004Sekmet Books
Horus Vol. 3 no. 12006 December 22H.O.O.R Publications
Svyatye Knigi Telemy2006Kolonna Pub. – OTO
Horus Vol. 2 no. 12009 September 22H.O.O.R   Publications
Wickedest Books in the World2009Blair Mackenzie Blake
The Weiser Concise Guide2009Weiser Books
To Perfect This Feast2009Sekmet Books
The Un Magical Record2011Orange Back Books
Liber AL vel Legis2006 September 22H.O.O.R Publications
In the Center of Fire2012Ibis Press
The Desk Top Reference2013Teitan Press
From Sex to Divinity2013H.O.O.R. Publications
On the Rights of Man2019 October 12Privately Printed
Allen Holub OZ
Illustrated by Allen Holub. Published in 1976 in The Cincinnati Journal of Magick.