The Complete Catalog

The Following is the first attempt to catalog the many publications of Liber OZ that have appeared over the years.  This is an ongoing project with the hope that the greater Thelemic community will contribute to its growth.  If you are aware of any additional copies of Liber OZ not here cataloged and would like to contribute to this project please contact us.  We are also in the process of building a permanent physical archive and any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.  In certain situations, such as in the case of rare editions, compensation may be offered.

The Early Editions – The editions published in Crowley’s lifetime.
The Printed Editions – Professionally printed, stand-alone editions.
The OZ Flyers – A collection of OZ flyers spanning several decades.
OZ in Publications – A catalog of publications including Liber OZ.


An example of the 1st Edition Oz Postcard (circa 1942) sealed by Crowley