The Printed Editions

This section features publications of Liber OZ that were professionally printed as a standalone edition. The first several entries are marked with an asterisk(*), indicating editions published during Crowley’s lifetime. For these versions, additional information is available in the Early Editions section of our catalog. Click any title from the list below to see images and further details.  (Entries arranged chronologically.)

First Edition: Devil*1941 EnglandO.T.O.
First Edition: Aeon*1941 EnglandO.T.O.
First American Edition*1942 U.S.A.O.T.O.
First Postcard Edition*1942 EnglandO.T.O.
2nd Postcard Edition: North Sea Patrol*1942 EnglandO.T.O.
2nd Postcard Edition: Cigar*1942 EnglandO.T.O.
Envelope Edition*1943 EnglandO.T.O.
First American Postcard*1945 U.S.A.O.T.O.
German OZ card1954 GermanyPsychosophia
Purple Print Postcard1973 EnglandSothis
Black With BorderCirca mid 1970’sO.T.O.
Blue Print OZ card  Circa early 1970’sUnknown
Orange OZ: French EditionCirca mid 1970’s Canada93 publishing
Orange OZ: English EditionCirca mid 1970’s Canada93 publishing
Black Print OZ cardCirca mid 1970’sUnknown
Jimmy Page OZLate 1970’s EnglandThe Equinox
Green Nuit card1978 U.S.A.Typhonian O.T.O.
Nuit OZ Bookmark1978 U.S.A.Typhonian O.T.O.
S.O.T.A. color OZ1980 U.S.A.Society O.T.O.
Pyramid Lodge OZ Card1983 U.S.A.O.T.O.
Come Forth OZ CardCirca 1980’s U.S.A.O.T.O.
Egyptian Motif, GlossyCirca 1980’s EnglandUnknown
Egyptian Motif Blue BookmarkCirca 1980’s EnglandStarfire
Black Print with CommentCirca 1980’s EnglandSut Anubis
Derek Coleman OZCirca 1980’s EnglandSut Anubis
Unknown Brown OZCirca 1980’s EnglandUnknown
Egyptian Motif Card1987 EnglandDevil Press
Egyptian Motif Display CardLate 80’s England     Golden Dawn
Egyptian Motif GD cardLate 80’s England     Golden Dawn
Paul Lowe – Limited to 111989 EnglandStarfire Horus Inc.
Paul Lowe  – Limited to 221989 EnglandStarfire Horus Inc.
Paul Lowe – Limited to 441989 EnglandStarfire Horus Inc.
Blind Force Oz1990 EnglandMandrake Press
Aleister Crowley Oz1990 EnglandMandrake Press
Leila Waddell Oz          1990 EnglandMandrake Press
Victor Neuburg Oz1990 EnglandMandrake Press
Lindsey Calvert OZ1991 EnglandStarfire
G.M. Kelly OZ cardCirca Late 80’s USANewAeon Pub.
French OZ Postcard1995 FranceFrench O.T.O.
Raynard Green folder Limited Ed.1999 U.S.A.Raynard Arcanium
Raynard Limited Ed. OZ card1999 U.S.A.Raynard Arcanium
Crowley Portrait OZ Circa 2000Unknown
The Island’s Red OZ cardCirca 2010 USAThe Island
B.S.O. Red OZ cardCirca 2013 USABlazing Star Oasis
Orpheus OZ booklet2014 USAPrivately Printed
Orpheus Blue Aeon card2016 USAPrivately Printed
Orpheus Devil Anti-Xmas2016 USAPrivately Printed
MoonLobsters OZ2019 USAPrivately Printed
Printed by Janice Ayers & Bill Seibert for the Typhonian O.T.O. circa 1978 e.v.