Printed Editions

Paul Lowe – Limited 11 (1989)

To commemorate the three days of the writing of the Book of the Law, in April of 1989, Horus Inc. and BCM Starfire of London announced a limited-edition series of OZ illustrated by Paul Lowe and issued in three formats.  77 in total were printed. The Standard Edition was limited to 44 copies, the Deluxe Edition was limited to 22 copies, and the Collector’s Edition was limited to 11 copies

For the Collector’s Edition each piece was hand drawn on top quality paper, individually numbered and dedicated (if so desired).  Each piece being unique in illustration and framing, it sold for 66 GBP.

The image below was of a display card made to advertise all three editions.  The standard is depicted in the middle, the Deluxe to the right and the Collector’s edition to the left.  The actual prints were of course much larger and nicer and this image only serves as a rough sample.  The other two images are of the brochure announcing this publication and a small card signed by Paul Lowe the artist.